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Slow Food


Enjoy your meal

Today, we are often preoccupied by finding quick solutions. This also applies to the food we eat, where fast food and pre-packaged food have become the norm. Fortunately, there is an organisation that is resisting this fast and unhealthy food culture and trying to make people aware again of the food they eat. 


Slow Food is an international organisation that was established in the 1980s in response to the growth of fast food factories and the industrialisation of agriculture. 


The aim of Slow Food is to make people aware of the value of honest, good and tasty food. It encourages people to enjoy food that was produced with respect for the environment, animal welfare and local produce. 


One of the key principles of Slow Food is to encourage people to buy local and seasonal food.

Instead of importing food from all over the world all year round, they encourage everyone to enjoy locally produced food in season. 


Slow Food also promotes the idea of ''healthy snacking'' Instead of fast food. 

Eat fresh, unprocessed products. It contributes to a healthier lifestyle. 


Another aspect of Slow Food is to support local producers and farmers. By buying directly from the farmer or markets without intermediaries, we stimulate the local economy and help small producers survive in a time of mass production. 


Slow Food is not just an organisation. It's a lifestyle. It's not just about taking the time to eat, but also about appreciating a meal. 


By choosing Slow Food, you are also choosing sustainability.

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