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The baker behind the breads

I believe in the value of real handmade bread. With me you will only find sourdough bread. Miro Van Vreckem does all the baking. I'm from Belgium and moved to Norway 5 years ago.


 I started baking in 2022 for our village. Everyone was surprised at how good it was and asked me to take it further. The shops around me got in touch and wanted to include the breads in their range. 


I've been interested in baking bread all my life. Before it was always for my own use. 

ELT bakery has a partnership with Eataly in Milan and Turin (Italy).  The bakery is visited by Italian bakers, and I often go abroad to learn from the old experienced bakers. 

''It's not difficult to find happiness in a sourdough bakery,'' a French miller once wrote, and I agree. 


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