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Often asked questions

Do you have sale in the bakery?

No, Sollia is to small to have an own shop. All the breads are delivered to the local supermarkets and hotels.

Do you have glutenfree bread?

No, we don't have.

Do you also bake sweets?

Yes, we also make sweet cakes and pastry.

Contact us to order.

Do you do sourdough classes?

Yes, there are sourdough classes att the bakery. Contact us for the next date.

Where to buy products?

KIWI Venabygdsfjellet


Rondevegen 770, 2632 Venabygd

Joker Atnbrua


Rondeveien 875, Sollia 2477

Joker Folldal

(Thur + fri)

Liavegen 1, Folldal 2580

Margeritt blomster og gaver


Storgata 99, Koppang 2480

Rondane Riverlodge


Rondeveien 34, Sollia 2477

Atna matkroken


Atneosveien 95, Atna 2476


Contact me



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