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The heart of the bakery

It all starts with our own sourdough. Sourdough is the heart of the bakery. A natural fermentation of just flour and water. Sourdough gives the bread its typical crispy structure. 

''Our breads contain an ingredient that only we use. Time.''

Baking with sourdough requires patience. Sourdough is a culture that is fed daily with flour and water, which ferments and becomes a natural leavening product. Sourdough bread needs to rise for a long time to get an airy and flavoursome bread that is unfortunately not often found in the shops.

48 hours proofing. 

Easy to digest. 

Because it rises for so long, sourdough bread digests much better. People in ancient Egypt were already using sourdough to bake bread. Our bodies tolerate it better. 

How to keep sourdough bread fresh?

Sourdough bread stays fresh much longer than yeast bread. If you're on your own, you can freeze some and thin it again when needed. Alternatively, you can place the sourdough bread on a tray with just the edge you cut off on the side. That way you won't lose the crispy crust. 

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